Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Welcome ..

Welcome .., originally uploaded by Rock Artist.

Says it all doesn't it?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where is the "Any" key?

Yes I know it's been a while since my last post.

Getting into how things work in a call center now. When I did my 3 weeks training I was asking myself if I was going to handle this, now after nearly 5 weeks of answering calls I can say it's getting easier. My first answering by myself was nerve racking, I was absolutely crapping myself. It didn't help I was being listened to by another guy, talk about pressure.

So far I've had a few crazy calls:
  • A guy ordering 70 rubber feet - A real use of my tech knowledge
  • An argument over what size a mini-tower should be - "This is not a mini-tower, this is a full size tower. I'm going to get a tape measure to prove this!!!!" - Go ahead I say.
  • A women who was wondering where she could download Microsoft office - I think you need to buy a copy.
And of course I've had a few where they are demanding a whole new system because a small device is not working, like the touchpad isn't working.

The funny thing is I get most of these about 10 minutes before I finish for the day.....go figure.

Another question I get is, "Where are you?". I have to respond, "I'm in Canada". This conversation can go 3 ways:
  • "Is it snowing?" - Yes we have snow all year round
  • "Is that you all speak up there?" - Yes we all have Scottish accents
  • "Why the Scottish accent?" - I was born there
So you can see it's interesting, will keep Y'all posted.