Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

Yes after 5 years long service, the trusty Canon Powershot A300 died.

Bought in a Montreal shopping mall in July 2003, travelled back with us to Scotland, then back to Montreal, then to Ottawa. With several vacations to New Jersey and Chicago, with a colourful life taking pictures around Scotland and the Carribean it's had a good life.

Died while in action on the Staten Island Ferry, en-route to downtown New York City.

The last image taken, image number 4863:

This is where things started going wrong for the old fella:


Back Home

Ach Weel, back hame......

We decided to drive a wee bit early from visiting wee brother in New Jersey, we did an overnight drive mainly to avoid traffic and busy border crossings but also mainly due to cooler tempratures.......

We had left the apartment (aka Flat) and our cat in charge of Jason, which from his blog entry he seemed to enjoy. Have a read here.

Also check out this animation totally rendered using open source software and the movie is also available to download for free - Big Buck Bunny (I recommend the 1080p version)

Top Gear is almost here as well......Oh I cannae wait.......I will be scanning the torrentsphere for that!!!!!

Top Gear Trailer

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Expensive vacation.

So far the weeks holiday time in New Jersey has been eventful so far.

Firstly the car started to act up on the drive down. We car started to loose power on hills (considering we were driving through the Pocono's, hard to avoid) and struggled to keep above 100KPH., so the drive was slower than normal. Also this was our first road while being guided by a GPS, things were going great until the GPS decided it was bored and took us to downtown Scranton, so we had to turn off the GPS nagging (it telling us to "Do a U-Turn") and get back onto the highway and figure our own way through,,,,wierd.

Anyway it turned out that the spark plugs, HT leads, air filter and fueld filter had to be replaced to get the car back to normal, $250 to fix those out.

Yesterday we travelled into New York and everything was great but another thing died on the way in, the camera!!!!!! So we had to find a replacement camera (This holiday is getting expensive)

We got another Canon mainly as I was always impressed with the last one, this time it's a A590IS and it's rather nice.