Saturday, September 04, 2010

All alone at work

It's Saturday, 4th of September at 9:49pm and I'm all alone at work.

I'm the only one on the floor waiting to take a call.

The rest of my team left at 9:30pm and I don't finish until midnight.

What else can I say but......I'm Bored!!!!!!

Ran out of legitimate stuff to read on the Net, so I may as well blog for a bit.

Here is the view of my floor at work, taken on my trusty old clunker of a BlackBerry......

As you can see pretty quiet, maybe a security guard will wander by and wonder what what the hell I am doing here.

I just realized that on the 1st of October I will be 2 years at RIM, which makes this to be longest period I've been with an employer in Canada since leaving Scotland.....

Ah well, roll on midnight.........