Thursday, April 27, 2006

Screwed PC.....The Revenge!!!!

Well Windows XP has done it again.....screwed my PC.......or should I say Microsoft did it?

Got an e-mail from the Windows Live offering me to try a new PC security product called Onecare (Beta), well it certainly took care of my PC.

It installed and wanted the usual reboot, so I let it do that, only to find Windows would not start, just rebooting.......bugger. "Nevermind" I told myself, I'll reboot into safe mode and do a system restore, so I did. What happened after that was a total disaster, Windows was completely screwed!!!!!

Thanks once again Bill.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Kickabout

Yesterday we had our kick about in downtown Montreal (Well Eric and Fred did).

And we survived.........well almost.......there were casualties. The ball did stray far enough to bounce off someone's head while eating his lunch, which did result in a few French sweary words being mentioned at us. Just as well it was only a soft foam ball not a real one.

Eric posted a few pictures of our adventures here

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is it Summer yet?

Yesterday it got up to a rather nice 22c with lots of sun.

A bunch of us decided to go out and hunt for food at lunchtime, pity everyone else had the same idea as us, big queues everywhere.

Today it has been mentioned that we go out and chuck a football about in nearby Square Victoria, keep on the lookout for any news stories about a bunch of guys getting arrested.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Road Trip #1

We made it back from our Easter weekend in New Jersey, we got back at 10pm Monday night so it we had to unload the car then off to bed because had our jobs to get to this morning. The junk from the car will wait until tonight to be sorted out.

Our trip down was OK, we left started our trip around 2pm on Thursday after having a hotdog combo at La Fleur's in Lasalle (Quebec Greasy spoon). We made it to the U.S. border after about an hour of driving where we picked up some duty-free. Then we crossed the border with the usual questions:

Guard: Where are you going? (How dare you attempt to cross our border!!!!)
US: New Jersey (Across your border)
Guard: Why? (How dare you!!!!)
US: Visit family for Easter (Same as the above)
Guard: Do you have anything to declare? (Can we charge you money for anything?)
US: Nope (Yes but I'm not going to tell you that)
Guard: Can I see you passport? (Can we laugh at you passport?)
US: Yes (Why? Are you going to laugh at it?)
Guard: OK you can go now (I suppose I will let you through)
US: Bye (Vroooooommmmmm!!!!!)

Then we had a long drive ahead of us. We did our usual missing the correct exit in Albany route due to Streets and Trips but this time we discovered our mistake (following the directions) and managed to recover the mistake far quicker than last time. After that it was pretty easy. (Best gizmo for the car: Cruise Control) We arrived at our destination for 9:30pm which was about 7.5 hours, not bad considering how many pitstops we made.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday consisted of BBQs and red meat, so the next few weeks it's salad.(maybe)

The trip back was a bit easier mainly due to Albany is a lot easier northwards. We had the usual questions from Canadian border control:

Guard: Where are you going? (Why did you leave us?)
US: Montreal (Also known as Home)
Guard: Where have you been? (I'm nosey)
US: Visiting family (Talk to the U.S. Border dudes)
Guard: Have you received or bought anything? (Can we charge money for anything?)
US: Yes but not a lot (You think we're going to tell you that)
Guard: Can I see your Pernament resisdent card? (I'm bored and I need a laugh)
US: Yes (You're bored aren't you?)
Guard: OK you can go now (I'm done hassling you)
US: Bye (Vroooooommmmmm!!!!!)

We made it home for 10pm which meant unloading the car and going straight to bed.
June is going to be a 16 hour road trip (Ugh!)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ready for the off (Almost)

Getting ready for a road trip to New Jersey, USA.

Which should be a 7-8 hour drive (not allowing for border crossing, Mickey-D stops and getting lost in Albany).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It seems to be snowing in Montreal at the moment.

And I thought I had seen the last of the white stuff for a while......ah well.

Had a couple of Ciders and a Fish Supper at Kelly's Bar on the way home tonight.....lurvley. Pity there's not much IRN-BRU about here to wash it doon.

Flickr Pictures are here!!!!

Got my Flickr pictures linked to this Blog now, check out the link on the right.

More coming soon.