Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Internet for you!!!!!

Last week I got denied Internet access from my lurvly Internet Providers, don't want to name them, let's just call them Dodgers.

It all happened last week when I came home to my Modem doing a lovely disco show, "Dodgers must be down again" I thought. What else can I think they haven't had a good record so far with me. So I left it overnight to see if they sort themselves out, next morning still the same.

The wife called them later that morning and was told our bucket-o-bolts PC was apparently attacking their precious network so they blocked my Internet connection. Also she was told that they left a voicemail telling us that, nice idea but............WE HAVE VOIP!!!!!!!

If you cut us off we don't have a phone service numpties!!!!!!

Also I have far better use of my time, rather than letting my PC loose on your network, I just not that starved of attention.

Anyway I spend 30 mins at lunch, at work talking to their "Security advisor" and all he could tell me was that my system had something called the "Arbor" virus. Now for the rest of my lunch I was trying to find some info on this.......nothing. What I was also told that I need to scan my PC for viruses and spyware, again another good idea but.........HOW CAN I GET THE LATEST VIRUS UPDATE IF YOU HAVE CUT ME OFF!!!!!!!

So I had to find updates at work in between calls. When I did my scan and guess what? Nothing! I asked the "Security Guy" earlier if I didn't find anything and his response was "reinstall Windows".....Lovely.

So I did just to make sure and now I'm all back up and running complete with firewall, so let's see if they cut me off again, this time they will cut me off for a week if they see something suspicious. If that happens it won't be active again, goodbye Dodgers.

Rant, Rant, Rant.........