Sunday, March 04, 2007

Winter not over yet

I was beginning to believe that winter here in Ottawa was almost over.........WRONG!!!!

Thursday afternoon there was a bunch of emails floating about work that there was a winter storm warning for our area, highs winds and 15-20 cms of snow coming our way. I thought "So what it's Canada, they expect this kind of stuff every winter", and they do. But in this email was a hotline for our site, just in case. So I went home thinking nothing more of it, had a look out our window every now and again to see if anything came of this.......not a lot really.

Woke up the next morning and before I switched the coffee machine on I called the number......"Dell Ottawa is closed today"......YES!!!!!

Now I'm only a 5 minute drive from and I can almost see my work from my window, but if they want to close, go ahead.

So it was a unplanned 3 day weekend ahead of us, here are the various stages of snowfall that was dumped on us during Friday.......

We got bored being stuck in the apartment all day, so we decided to have a wander out in the snow, we needed to get milk anyway.......

May have to dig the car out.
Those snow banks are getting bigger.
Glad I'm not driving in this.
We're almost there to get the milk.
The quest for milk was successful

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