Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big chicken!!!!!

Alright so I did chicken out walking out onto the glass floor on the CN Tower.

Being the height I am you would think I would not mind heights, but I did find the tower quite unsteady.

It was mostly the sky pod above the main pod. I think it was the size of the pod that got me the most.

As you can see it was quite literary "a pod" with not a lot of headroom for me.

But what a view, it was such a clear day, we could see for miles at that height.

Check out the view we had:

After the tower we had dinner at Wayne Gretzky's resteraunt, took us a while to find it. The restaurant was OK I suppose, I got fish and chips:

Jenn had some sort of fried ravioli:

And Shawn had the '99' Burger:

Also it was the weekend of the Fan Expo, so a lot of wierdos running around, check out the queue waiting to get in:

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